This new home design is one of the Elements of LivingTM series, an exploration by George Clemens of an ideal home typology representing the best of sustainable or ‘Green’ principles, but also the human elements that best nourish family life. These include aspects of centeredness, permanence, and connectedness. The Chagrin Falls model features a central wall that divides the public and private living on the first floor and gives every space a solid and light-filled backdrop, thanks to large skylights flanking the masonry core. Strategic use of interior windows and floor openings allows the light to fill the home and gives sightlines between floor levels. Exposed structural wood decking and Douglas fir beam work are natural, beautiful, and durable materials that complement the interior brick walls and arches.
Each Elements of LivingTM (EOL)Homes model is designed to be built with a patented wall-panel system that eliminates stud framing while optimizing the systems and future flexibility of the home, although this home was built using conventional green-building methods.