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When you call up an architect about your house or about the home you are dreaming about, it is because you have a problem to solve. Sometimes the problem is a functional issue, but very often it also relates to the character of your house. Every house has a character, just as every person has a personality. Perhaps your house has a charming personality, but you need to add to it and you are afraid of compromising that charm with the addition. Your addition should be functional and it should compliment and work together with the rooms of the existing house. The addition also has to become part of the original house exterior, enhancing and ideally completing the whole.

Perhaps your house has functional appeal on the inside, but it has absolutely no presence when people drive up to the front. Such a house is faceless, and its overall value is compromised for you and future owners, even if it has everything you need inside. Sometimes a relatively small addition can transform the personality of a house: adding a well-proportioned entry porch can be like putting a nose on a face.

So many houses built after World War II also lack the exterior and interior details which are based on craftsmanship and proportion. They often have small and simplified moldings; lack adequate windows for light, airflow, and view; have awkward and crude aluminum exterior details; or have outdated exterior siding such as T111 plywood. Although it takes effort to correct these shortcomings, the result can be a house with a completely different aura for its family and guests, where appropriate and beautiful details bring harmony to both the outside and inside of a home.

You may be trying to envision a brand new house. Designing a new home can be intimidating: where does one begin? How do I know it will be the ‘right’ house for us? Why use an architect? The fact is that it takes several ingredients to create the perfect home for an individual client and a specific place. Every building site has its own orientation, view, and context: sun angles and neighboring houses can each be a factor. Do you make use of more formal dining or living rooms or live informally in one combined space? How large is your family? Is there a specific style or dream house that has captured your imagination? You may already know what approach you would take to a new home, or we can find out what is best for you together – it can be a fun and exciting journey! Authentic and careful design and detailing can bring to life a home that is arranged exactly for your style of living, and the result can be stunning.

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