NE Ohio Historic, Innovative and Sustainable Residential Design

Reflecting the Past…..Creating the Future.

We believe the future is grounded in history and that authenticity is critical as we sensitively transform historic homes to beautifully perform in contemporary life.  Our firm brings a pioneering spirit to high-quality residential design and problem-solving.

New homes have demonstrated the versatility of our design vision. George’s work includes Transitional and Organic Modern, Italianate, Arts-and-Crafts, Greek Revival, Western Timber-framed, and European Country compositions. We approach a new style as a serious and authentic research project, drawing from the original masters of that genre. All our design projects ultimately share balanced, friendly facades; attention to interior light, views, and flow; and a feel for contemporary living inside and out.

An inventor with two U.S. Patents, George looks to the future of sustainable design in his Elements of LivingTM Construction Systems and EOL Home DesignsTM. These homes embody many sustainable design concepts while adding adaptability for the future and eliminating drywall and stud framing. Coming soon…… at


George Clemens has been designing new homes and additions in Northeast Ohio for over 20 years.  Prior to starting his own firm, he worked at top architectural design firms in San Francisco, New Haven and Cleveland.  George’s fascination with construction technique is based on early experience framing houses in Denver, Colorado and later during his Yale Architecture School Building Project.

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Prior to joining George Clemens Architecture in January, Brian worked for nearly 20 years on a variety of multi-family housing and townhouse projects throughout Northeast Ohio. From market-rate apartments to private townhouses, new construction, existing construction and a warehouse conversion, Brian managed teams of architects, engineers and contractors to bring the clients’ vision to life. Brian currently resides in Avon Lake with his wife, two children and a dog that barks way too much.

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Peter joined the George Clemens team in April 2016. Prior to receiving his Bachelor of Science in Architecture from KSU in 2014, Peter freelanced in graphic design since 2006 granting him a significant interest in all things visual. This interest was fully understood when this focus on graphic design was implemented into the architectural design development process. The transition of an idea from paper to digital fabrication has always been a fascinating process to him, one that truly exemplifies how the converging of baffling amounts of architectural and sociological information can translate into a harmonic set of drawings (and eventually a beautiful building).

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Heather was excited to join the George Clemens team in the summer of 2018. She completed her undergraduate studies at The Ohio State University and received a Masters of Architecture at the Boston Architecture College. She remained in the Boston area with her family for more than 15 years where she focused on residential architecture and the challenges of an urban environment. Heather is excited to bring both her New England influence and residential experiences back to her native state of Ohio. She is passionate about creating traditional architecture that provides functional yet beautiful space for modern day living.

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Amanda Kristoff is a Chagrin native with a connection to the community and an appreciation for the historic architecture of Northeast Ohio. Amanda’s passion for residential architecture came to life during her time interning with Clemens Architecture as a co-op student from the University of Cincinnati. She later pursued a Master of Architecture at Clemson University, studied abroad in Genoa, Italy, and moved to Atlanta where she spent about two years continuing work in residential design. Amanda’s excited to have the opportunity to take inspiration from her past experiences and bring a new perspective to her beloved hometown. She looks forward to creating thoughtful designs with an attention to detail needed to make every client’s project beautifully unique.

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